About Us


E-Lawyers was established in 2020 and Accounticca has extensive expertise in different fields of financial and Legal sectors. We endeavor to provide complete range of financial and Legal support beyond border.

With diversified experience and advanced knowledge, Accounticca is capable of meeting your specific requirements and will provide financial, Business and Legal assistance to ensure your business flourish.


Accounticca offers a comprehensive suite of professional services, encompassing auditing, accounting, taxation, secretarial and business support, all delivered by a team of fully and partially qualified Chartered Accountants. Our unwavering focus on delivering distinguished services is driven by our keen understanding of our clients’ unique business modalities and operational activities. By immersing ourselves in the entire process, we are able to provide bespoke solutions that empower our clients to take charge of their own success. Our teams constantly strive for excellence and innovation, spurring each other on to ever-greater heights of service and solution provision.


E-Lawyers is strategically merged with Accounticca focused on providing best legal services and it was born out of a desire to create a true client-focused online and offline based legal platform for all with a strong determination to ensure your legal rights and compliance. The E-Lawyers team was meticulously selected for their unwavering passion for the legal industry, as well as their extensive expertise in a wide range of fields, from civil and criminal litigation to corporate affairs, intellectual property, commercial litigation, finance and beyond. With this unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge at their disposal, they stand ready to provide you with the highest level of legal support and guidance. 

For details please visit https://elawyersbd.com 


Our team comprises bright and dedicated experienced Professional Accountants, Lawyers, and other business professionals. Our qualified personnel having professional membership both from local and international professional bodies, proven track records with right combination of academic excellence and professional experience. All of them have working experience with leading companies and firms of the country which helped them to gain enormous knowledge about the corporate of all sizes and SMEs. Our research team possesses huge database that helps us to response your queries in a shortest possible time.

Mission & Vision

To be the top-choice Consultancy firm in the world

We aspire to lead the way globally, by providing our clients with exceptional financial and legal services that are delivered with utmost honesty and professionalism. We continuously strive for innovation, all while remaining committed to delivering excellence in a timely manner.